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Roofing & Exterior's Top 5 Stories of 2021

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A look back at the most-read stories of the past year.

Now that 2021 is in the books, it's time to look back at the Roofing & Exteriors' most-read stories of the year.

Roofing Industry Leaders Discuss Supply Chain Issues

On Sept. 22, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) hosted a telephone town hall to provide updates regarding the supply chain crisis.

As I wrote, suppliers and roofing contractors want to know when the industry can get past the supply chain issues causing, as Chairman Rod Petrick perfectly put it during the Town Hall on the subject, “unprecedented shortages, delays and price increases in the roofing industry.”

Industry professionals from Johns Manville, GAF, Firestone Building Products, OMG Roofing Products and SIKA North America weighed in.


Scenes From the 2021 International Roofing Expo

The International Roofing Expo took place Aug. 10-12 in Las Vegas.  It included the launch of Roofing & Exteriors, the Official Digital Media Brand of the show. There was a loaded conference session, with topics ranging from health and safety to marketing to legal and technical issues to leadership—and more. Other highlights included a First-time Attendees Reception—a poolside networking event—which preceded the Welcome Party featuring live music and complimentary drinks and appetizers.


Proposed Tax Code Revisions Will Impact Construction

Tax code revisions could be detrimental to construction companies throughout the nation, Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, wrote in a September article.

This piece discussed the then not-yet-passed infrastructure bill and its potential impact on the industry.

Cotney noted at the time that lawmakers were looking to revise or repeal parts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017—which made numerous revisions to the Federal Tax Code—including the 20% deduction for qualified business income as stated in Section 199A of the Tax Code.


How to Adjust Property Casualty Claims Amidst Global Roofing, Exterior Materials Shortages

Don G. Wood, BA, PA and John D. Wood, BA, JD wrote an article about how in the roofing industry, there are consequences of shortages to EPDM, TPO, PVC, and sealants in terms of the cost of roofing and exteriors restoration projects, the timeline to complete repairs, and the indemnification of insured property owners. 

Many of the restoration contractors who install roofs and exteriors have their work funded by insurance proceeds, the authors said. 

In this piece, they offered their thoughts and recommendations.


Roofers Can Give Back Through Charitable Engagement

While most of the above focused on supply chain or legal issues, this article touched on giving back.

"When you give more, you get more," authors Heather Shapter and Doug Quinn noted.

The duo runs a disaster aid charity called United Survivors Disaster Relief (USDR). 

In short, "we are in a unique position to objectively observe the companies who grasp the philosophy of 'when you give more you get more' and the benefits they reap," they wrote.


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