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6 Ways Roofers Can Use Diversity to Fight the Labor Shortage

Mandy McIntyre, of 1st Choice Roofing Co., who is also active in the National Women in Roofing association, sat down with Roofing & Exteriors to talk about diversity and inclusion simple strategies to attract and retain new workers.
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When it comes to diversity and inclusion in roofing few are as passionate as Mandy McIntyre. McIntyre, recently named vice president of 1st Choice Roofing Co., began her adult career at the company as a project coordinator. In the years McIntyre has been at 1st Choice Roofing, they have almost tripled the amount of employees in-house and on the field.

Over the years, Mandy has become a respected figure in the roofing industry by empowering women to continue the path. Mandy wasn’t new to construction, she often visited job sites as a child with her father, who was a General Contractor and even helped in the office. 

McIntyre, who is also active in the National Women in Roofing association, sat down with Roofing & Exteriors to talk about how companies can use diversity and inclusion to fight the ongoing labor shortage. 

"If you just expand your horizons and make yourself more appealing to under-represented grouips you have a whole new demogprahic to appeal to," she said.

Here's some highlights covered in the video: 

  • Advice on using diversity and includsion to recurit and retain employees.
  • The ROI on putting initatives forward.
  • Actionable steps to increase diversity
  • How to overcome fear and relunctance about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • How to attract more women to roofing and how the verbiage in job posting matters.
  • Strategies for doing interviews wth women in roofing.
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