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May 10—Cool Roof Tech, Training New Hires and More

PABCO Roofing Products PABCO Premier Radiance Cool Black shingles make up the roof of a white brick home
The May 10 edition of the Roofing & Exteriors Business Update newsletter

Trends & Tech

Cool Roof Technology's Role in Sustainable Homes

Reduction of energy use in the home is a worthy yet complex goal. Asphalt shingles are a key component of an energy-efficient building envelope—but what makes these shingles so important?



Roofing Contractors Spark Growth with HOVER's Direct Ordering Tech

As roofing businesses grow, many turn to new technology to help scale up operations. In one example, the team at Shumaker Roofing in Maryland and Pennsylvania found benefits in convenience, speed and accuracy by implementing HOVER's Direct Ordering tool.


Regulation & Safety

How to Hit the Ground Running with Training New Hires

Training is key in the construction industry, and it all begins on the first day when a new hire walks through the door. See why the first days are especially critical.


Influencer Video Series

Industry Expert Talks Top Trends in Housing, Construction

Mischa Fisher, chief economist for Angi, talks with Roofing & Exteriors about key factors and drivers of current housing and construction industry trends. He offers expert insight into what construction industry professionals should look out for in the coming months and years.


Industry Op-Ed

Where Should Leaders Focus in Tumultuous Times?

We've had to learn some hard lessons during tumultuous times in the past. We look back on some hard lessons learned during the recession of the late 2000s to see if we can find words of wisdom.


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