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June 21—2022 Power Players Announced, How to Increase Roof Longevity

Signpost Construction worker talking on the phone on a jobsite
The June 21 edition of the Roofing & Exteriors Business Update newsletter

Communication Series

Keys to Customer Communications, Part 2: During the Job

You've landed the construction job with our tips from Part 1 and are full steam ahead on the project. Here's how to keep up the communication and ensure a happy and well-informed customer when the job is finished.


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Even the Best Builders Benefit from Better Software

Software goes a long way toward taking construction businesses to the next level. To download a free copy of "The Roofer's Ultimate Guide to Finding, Bidding, and Building Your Best Work," click through to the story.


Diversity & Inclusion

Build Out Alliance Lifts Up LGBTQ+ Professionals in Construction

Build Out Alliance has become a place for anyone in the building design and construction industry who either identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or as an ally. Here's how to get involved.


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Roofing & Exteriors Celebrates Best of the Industry with 2022 Power Players

These 50 top roofing and exteriors contracting companies were chosen for modeling business practices (beyond just annual revenue) and company values that produce success. They also provide great examples of how to thrive amid turbulent times.


Influencer Video Series

Help Your Customers Increase Longevity of Their Roofs

Go Roof Tune Up's Martin Stout speaks with Roofing & Exteriors on how roofing pros can prepare customers for long-term roof maintenance and how even the smallest of materials are being affected by the supply chain issues.


In Case You Missed It

Actionable Insights from the PRO Home Improvement Monthly Tracker

Use this data—presented monthly by the Farnsworth Group and the Home Improvement Research Institute—to bolster your roofing and exteriors business against some of the industry's biggest challenges.


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