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Kelly Roofing Publishes Tesla Solar Roof Whitepaper

Tesla/Kelly Roofing A Tesla Solar Roof on a house
Kelly Roofing said it sold over $12 million in Tesla Solar Roofs in less than a year. The company details how these roofs work, how to become installers and how to market solar roofs to customers.

Kelly Roofing said it has found success as a Tesla Certified Installer. 

The Florida-based company installs Tesla Solar Roofs, Tesla Solar Panels, and Tesla Powerwalls.

Kelly Roofing said it has installed "countless" Tesla Solar Roofs both in Florida and the first international Tesla Solar Roof. The company even installed a 99 kW Tesla Solar Roof, the largest ever, on one client’s home. 

Kelly Roofing said it sold over $12 million in Tesla Solar Roofs in less than a year.

The company published a whitepaper detailing its "top tips" for installing Tesla Solar Roofs. 

"Our Tesla partnership was eye-opening," company president Ken Kelly, said in the whitepaper. "For the first time in our company’s history, roof owners are deciding to replace their roof because they want to, not because they need to. This is a paradigm shift in the sales process and I’m proud to be a part of it."

The whitepaper explains the basics—i.e. how it works—how other roofers can become installers and how to market the solar roofs to customers.

"The best, easiest transition is a roofer who is comfortable and familiar with installing metal and tile roofing," explained Kelly, the Roofing Technology Think Tank 2021 Innovator of the Year. "Tesla Solar Roofs are a true BIPV or built-in photovoltaic roof system. It is not just a roof, it actually takes the sun’s rays and converts them to electricity."

Read the entire white paper by clicking here.

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